Founded in 2011, Golf Academy W has a proven track record in helping students improve their game. Our best-in-class golf lessons are centered around one key philosophy: building relationships. We are firm believers in the philosophy that coaches who thoroughly understand their students’ needs and goals will be better able to teach them. Known for our ability to tailor programs to each student’s needs, our progressive coaches embrace open communication and constructive feedback as key factors to improvement.

Fuelled by our passion for golf, we are strongly committed to building a strong foundation of technique and utilizing leading-edge golf technologies to optimize each golfer’s performance. Opportunities for improvement exist in any golfer- no matter the skill level or age. 

Let us help you unlock your potential.
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Here's what clients have to say about Golf Academy W

"Coach Charlie truly believes in me. It helps motivate me and improve my game! "
- Junior Golfer

"One of my favourite things about Charlie's teaching style is that he is very straight-forward and efficient." ~ Adult Golfer

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