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Golf Academy W is home to a variety of junior / youth golf instructional programs and youth golf lessons in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whether your child is just starting to explore the game of golf or has aspirations to play competitively, we can provide the right instruction and mentorship that your child needs to achieve his or her goals. Charlie Woo, a former top junior player in Ontario and the Ontario Amateur Champion, brings countless years of experience to the junior programming at Golf Academy W. Notably, Brandon Chong has over 10 years of expense in teaching competitive junior golfers. 

Our coaches build strong relationships with junior students to thoroughly understand how they can adequately support their golf journey. Yes, we teach the fundamentals and techniques of golf but we definitely do not stop there. Using our decades of knowledge and experience, we work with juniors and their parents to build a roadmap to success. Not only can we help junior golfers improve their game, lower their handicap, and play competitive golf, we often assist in a junior golfer's career advancement journey as well. 

If your child is interested in pursuing professional golf and is interesting in becoming an elite golfer, let's chat about how we can assist.



CJGA Linkster Tour



Silver Lakes Shootout

All golf tournaments offer the thrill of competition to every participant and amplify the importance of every shot in a way that a casual round simply cannot. As nerve-wracking as they may be, our junior golfers are often eager to get competitive. 

Over the years, we have coached numerous junior golfers and assisted with their success in competitive golf tournaments. We help wherever we can: pre-event preparation, support in competition, as well as regular play to reinforce effective game management and scoring skills when it counts.



At Golf Academy W, we offer three kinds of lessons for junior students: private 1-on-1 coaching, semi-private group classes, and our annual summer camp.

In the game of golf, your only competition is yourself. This means that the path to better play is unique to every golfer. This is the reason why every golfer should invest in individualized, tailored golf lessons. Without lessons, it’s very difficult to learn how to play properly and to perfect your game. Private golf lessons allow you to have the most face-time with our coaches and really focus on your game, whereas group lessons allow you to learn from our coaches as well others students. While there are benefits to both kinds of lessons, you will need to reflect on how you learn best. Ask yourself- do you feel easily distracted or nervous around others? If so, we recommend private lessons. Do you feel encouraged and motivated to perform your best around other students? If so, try our group lesson!

Every new student is entitled to an assessment. This allows new students to understand how we conduct our lessons and what challenges they will need to tackle first. 


For more information about our adult programs, please contact us at or fill in the form below.

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