Updated as of June 18, 2020

With the reinstatement of Golf Academy W’s private and group coaching services, the safety of our

staff and clients remains our primary concern. We will be following a new set of guidelines that are in

compliance with Health Canada and the Clublink Corporation. It is important that all staff members

and clients abide by these new guidelines and protocols.

General Notices

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Sanitization

Golf Academy W will be providing all clients and staff members with hand sanitizer, face masks and

alcohol wipes. These items will be made available for use at our designated golfing facility.

Appointment Booking and Coaching Sessions

Appointments / No Walk-Ins

Golf Academy W will no longer be accepting walk-ins until further notice. All appointments must be

made in advance and confirmed via online communication with Golf Academy W staff.

Sessions will be 55 minutes long and the first lesson will start as early as 7AM.

Each client must arrive to their lesson no earlier than 15 minutes before their designated lesson start time.
There will be a 15 minute grace period between each coaching session. All clientele must leave the private
instruction area immediately following their lesson.


Private Sessions vs. Group Sessions

Operation hours for private sessions on the driving range will fall within the range hours determined

by Station Creek Golf Club. A maximum of 3 clients and 3 instructors will be permitted in the private

instruction area at a time. Seating/waiting areas will no longer be provided.

For group sessions, a maximum of 6 clients and 1 instructor will be permitted in the group teaching

area at a time. Parents and guardians of minors/juniors will be allowed to drop-off and pick-up their

child from the private instruction area, but cannot remain in the private instruction area under any

other circumstances.


We acknowledge that this is a difficult time for everyone and we will do everything in our power to

provide a safe place for all. We ask that you read all of the following guidelines carefully:


Customer Guidelines

  • ALL customers are to wear a mask when receiving any services from Golf Academy W.

  • Only clients with pre-booked appointments will be allowed to enter the facility. Clients with an
    appointment will be allowed in the facility 15 minutes before their booked start time and lessons
    will last 55 minutes in duration.

  • The chipping and putting areas will be used in compliance with the guidelines and SOP’s provided
    by the Clublink Corporation.

  • Clients will be required to answer health AND travel questions when asked. Anyone who is
    exhibiting any symptoms will be asked to leave immediately. If you are feeling unwell or have been
    in close contact with someone who is unwell - we ask that you stay home.

  • There will be NO congregating within the facility once your session has concluded. You will be
    expected to leave the facility immediately. If you are a parent, please wait in your car as we will
    no longer be providing a waiting area.

  • Please bring your own water bottles. No cups or mugs will be provided to anyone and all water
    stations will be decommissioned until further notice.

  • Club rentals will NOT be offered

  • Any items that are brought into the facility must be taken out when the session has concluded.
    We ask that you to clean up any waste that you may have left behind.

Staff Guidelines

  • All training aids and technology used (eg. IPad, speed stick, alignment rods, etc) will be sanitized
    following each session using alcohol wipes.

  • All staff members are required to clean all touched surfaces with Lysol wipes

  • Masks will be worn by all staff members when present at Station Creek Golf Club

  • All staff members are to enforce new rules and policies among all clientele


Kindly note that protocol may change as we continue to monitor government regulations.​
Download a hard-copy of our updated COVID-19 Protocol here.

For more information about our safety policies and updated protocol, please to contact us at